Conference Chair:
Gerald Falkenberg (DESY)

Christian Schroer (TU-Dresden)

Sasa Bajt (DESY),
Ulrike Bösenberg (DESY),
Manuela Borchert (DESY),
Heinz Graafsma (DESY),
Matthias Kreuzeder (DESY),
Alke Meents (DESY),
Martin Müller (HZG),
Stephan Roth (DESY),
Horst Schulte-Schrepping (DESY),
Andreas Stierle (DESY),
Edmund Welter (DESY).




The scientific program covers a broad range of topics in 8 keynote talks (45min + 15 min discussion), 20 invited talks (30 + 10 min) and 40 contributed talks (15 + 5 min). Contributions not accepted for the oral presentation may be presented during one of the three poster sessions.

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Please be informed, that on Thursday, 5.9. 2013 there will be a lunch seminar held by Quantum Detectors in Hörsaal M.

The following invited speakers will participate in the conference:

J. C. Andrews (SLAC, USA),

"Transmission X-ray microscopy for full-field spectro-microscopy at the nanoscale"



F. Brenker (Univ. Frankfurt a.M., Germany),
"Planetary und Extraterrestrial Processes at the Nanoscale"

M. Burghammer (ESRF, France),
"Applications of X-ray nanodiffraction"

J. Cauzid (Univ. Lorraine, France),
"Micro beam absorption spectroscopy for the investigation of fluid inclusions and other small samples"

H. Chapman (DESY/CFEL),
"Structural imaging at x-ray free-electron lasers"

P. Cloetens (ESRF, France),
"Micro- and nanoanalysis at ESRF including future upgrade"

V. De Andrade (Brookhaven National Lab, USA),
“Applications of Nano- and Microanalysis:  Earth and environmental science”

R. Feidenhans’l  (Univ. Copenhagen, Denmark),
"X-ray nano-diffraction from individual nanowires"

T. Ishikawa (RIKEN Spring-8, Japan),
"Micro- and nanoanalysis at SPring-8 and SACLA"

K. Janssens (Univ. Antwerp, Belgium),
"X-ray Micro- and nanoprobe for the Characterization of Artists’ Pigments and Paintings"

S. Kapishnikov (Weizmann Institute, Israel),
"Combined full-field and hard X-ray microscopy approach for the investigation of Malaria"

Chr. Koch (Univ. Ulm),
"Making use of dynamical scattering of fast electrons in the TEM for retrieving 3D atom positions in nanoparticles"

T. Koyama (Spring-8, Japan),
"Development of linear and circular type MoSi2/Si multilayer Laue lenses."

E. Lombi (Univ. South Australia, Australia),

"Nutrients and contaminats in plants: state of the art and artefacts"


J. Maser (ANL/APS, USA),
"Micro- and nanoanalysis at the Advanced Photon Source"

F. Meirer (Fondatione Bruno Kessler, Italy),
"Three-dimensional imaging of chemical phase transformations at the nanoscale with full-field transmission X-ray microscopy"

A. Momose (Tohoku Univ., Japan),
"Phase contrast imaging techniques"

P. Müller-Buschbaum (TU Munich, Germany)

C. Ryan (CSIRO, Australia),
"MAIA driven X-ray fluorescence imaging"

B. Schmitt (Paul-Scherrer-Institut, Swiss),
"Imaging systems developed and being developed at PSI"

P. Siddons (Brookhaven National Lab, USA),
MAIA X-ray microprobe detector array system"

F. Siewert (HZBerlin, Germany),
"Towards Picometry ? - Achievements and Future Requirements on Reflective X-Ray Optics, Metrology and Deterministic Surface Finishing"

Y. Takahashi (Univ. Osaka, Japan),
"High-resolution ptychographic imaging"

S. Takeda (Univ. Osaka, Japan),
"Atomic-resolution environmental transmission electron microscopy for quantitative in-situ microscopy in catalyst chemistry"

P. Thibault (TU Munich, Germany),
"Recent results in coherent x-ray imaging"

L. Vincze (Univ. Ghent, Belgium),
"Full-field Micro-XRF Imaging"

E. Weckert (DESY)